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Posted on December 28th, 2010 by Chris

Programming Perl

We won't be using this on Blogshouts.

When you spend the better part of fifteen years working on the web, you encounter a lot of technologies. In 1997, it was HTML 3 and PERL 5. Lately it’s been ASP.Net web forms and a lot of JavaScript (and that’s one hell of an improvement). One of the goals Gabe and I have for Dart Publishing is to be able to work on websites using a combination of proven tech that we know we like, and new things that pique our interest.

To that point, we’ve invested a lot of time in learning new stuff for BlogShouts. While most of our outside projects still involve XHTML 1.1 and CSS 2, we’ve decided to go full-speed ahead with HTML 5 and CSS 3 for the site. Instead of web forms, we’re working with MVC v3, along with a brand new scripting method that Microsoft’s introduced to complement it called Razor. We’re sticking with jQuery because I love it, and with jQuery TOOLS from the Flowplayer folks because it’s proven useful. I might also experiment with some jQuery UI as we add more features to BlogShouts, and I’m quite sure Gabe will find new toys to play with as well.

Features … speaking thereof, I’d like to state that BlogShouts will remain a work in progress even after it’s been launched. We’re not going to go sticking “beta” text on the site or whatnot. The way I see it: all websites are in beta, all the time. If they’re not, they’re dead. We’ll be continuing to add to and improve BlogShouts long after it launches.

An event which, it should be added, will be happening in the not too distant future!

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